PETROBOT UK LTD, pioneers advanced robotic inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions for industrial assets. Utilizing ATEX-compliant robotic systems, we deliver cost-efficient, operationally safe, and rapid turnaround services, eliminating the need for shutdowns, scaffolding, and human entry into hazardous zones. Our expertise encompasses corrosion management, marine services, storage tank and pipeline inspections, project and risk management, robotic inspections and cleaning, and terminal inspections across sectors including Oil & Gas, Energy, Refineries, chemical factories and Nuclear. Integrating data analytics, IoT, AI and Machine Learning, PETROBOT UK LTD facilitates comprehensive anomaly reporting, threat detection, precise decision-making and unparalleled asset integrity management.

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Contact: Suji Kurungodan
Tel: +44 7767 7423 80
Address: 23 Mains Circle,
United Kingdom,
AB32 6HD,
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