Tank Storage Association’s reaction to the 2024 general election result

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The Labour Party has won a majority in Parliament following the UK General Election.

Peter Davidson, Chief Executive of the Tank Storage Association, said: “We look forward to working with the new Government on implementing their manifesto pledges, including the introduction of a new mission-driven and forward focused industrial strategy for the UK with partnership at its core. 

“The bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector is an integral part of a complex web of global activities and supply chains and is well set to thrive in the coming years. It is at the heart of the UK’s journey towards carbon neutrality and leading the way to open up new possibilities. 

“Our core priorities are ensuring that an industrial strategy for the UK recognises the significant contribution of the sector and its innovative capabilities, that companies can access the capital and talent they need, and working in partnership to ensure this vital sector becomes a driver of change and contributes to shaping the next decades.”


Notes to editors

The Tank Storage Association (TSA) represents the interests of over 80 member companies engaged in bulk storage, energy infrastructure and the provision of products and services to the sector. Collectively, its members operate over 300 terminals and distribution hubs in the UK and have 11.5 million cubic metres of storage capacity. TSA’s members provide and support an essential interface between sea, road, rail and pipeline logistics for many different substances including transport and heating fuels, chemicals, animal feed and foodstuffs.

For more information about TSA’s key priorities, please refer to our 2024 Industry Manifesto.

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