Contact Details

Chris Brown
+44 (0)1482 320736
+44 (0)1482 226162
Lime Street, Hull HU8 7AS

Terminal Details

No. of Tanks
Total Storage Capacity
34,500 m3
Min Capacity
50 m3
Max Capacity
1,700 m3
Range of Products

Edible oil and chemical products

Road, River, Sea
Largest Vessel
7,000 dwt
7 mts
122 mts
19.7 mts

OVERVIEW – IBL Bulk Liquids

IBL Bulk Liquids provides services and facilities for the handling and storage of bulk liquids.

Its operations are based in the city of Hull and are located at two sites on the River Hull and one situated in the Port of Hull. The total site area occupied is some eight acres. Hull is well located for north European import and export shipping and continental deep-sea transhipment ports and has excellent connections to the UK road and rail networks.

The Hull facilities comprise some 120 storage tanks, with individual sizes ranging from 50 to 1,700 cubic metres and a total capacity of around 34,500 cubic metres. In order to meet a wide range of product requirements, certain tanks are fitted with internal coatings, insulation and steam heating coils and some are constructed of stainless steel. In addition to handling facilities for road tankers and tank containers, each of the sites has berthing for ships and barges, with larger vessels up to 7,000 tonnes deadweight being accommodated at the Port of Hull site. Ancillary services are also provided, including blending and mixing, drumming and canning, steam heating of liquids and wash bay and public weighbridge facilities.

IBL Bulk Liquids has an established customer base in the edible oil and chemical industries, including a number of multinational groups.