DOMINION ENVIRONMENT is the leading company in Europe for automatic tank cleaning. Our automatic
tank cleaning solutions guarantee the recovery of hydrocarbons above 98%, thereby reducing execution lead
time and process costs. Additionally, we reduce water consumption used in the cleaning process, making it
the most environmentally friendly solution for tank cleaning. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are
pioneers in Europe with this technology.

Furthermore, we install and operate mobile centrifugation plants for the treatment of oily waste. These
mobile solutions can work in conjunction with our automatic cleaning machines, our lagoon cleaning robots,
or for centrifuging other oily effluents.

We have our own equipment for the development of all activities, and we do so based on our commitment
to safety, quality, and respect for the environment in all our operations.

DOMINION ENVIRONMENT is part of the DOMINION GROUP, a listed company established in 40 countries
with more than 13,000 employees.

We are the reference partner in the environmental sector, bringing efficiency and sustainability to the

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1st Floor,
48001 Bilbao
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