BDB Dismantling Ltd

Non-destructive dismantling:

The dismantling of a plant, structures or piece of equipment in such a way that its integrity for reuse is not compromised.


The dismantling with extreme care of a plant, structures or piece of equipment but without the need to maintain its integrity for reuse (for scrap).


Demolition is fundamentally the same as dismantling, in that the operation is still carried out with extreme care, however alternative techniques can be utilised.

Site Clearance:

The removal of structure, plant, equipment, roadways, fencing/walls, foliage and trees etc and is generally associated with redevelopment.


The assessment and decontamination of site.

Plant Cleaning & Decontamination:

The removal of robust surface contamination and retrieval of contaminants.

The cleaning of plant and equipment of surface residues and recovery of residues.

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ENDEGS Mobile Degassing Technologies

Mobile degassing at the highest level

For more than 14 years ENDEGS is the expert for mobile and ecological VOC & HAP combustion in Europe. We offer technologically unique solutions for the time- and cost-efficient combustion of gases, gas mixtures and vapours in the hazard groups IIA, IIB and IIC, with a combustion rate of very nearly 100 percent.

Our degassing solutions focus on:

  • Maintenance of tanks (any storage tank type) + mobile tanks & suction truck
  • Loading / unloading operation (liquid gas tankers, crude tankers, product tankers, wagons, trucks)
  • Inspection of pipelines
  • Turnaround (columns, pipes)
  • Decommissioning
  • Temporary replacement of gas engines like VRU or VPS.

Our in-house developed mobile combustion units are TÜV-certified and scalable from 0.1 MW to 50 MW.

Rent the ENDEGS ADEX Robot for safe tank cleaning

Our ADEX Robot Zone 0 is designed primarily for the rough cleaning of flat-bottom tanks in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries The remote-controlled ADEX Robot which is part of the sophisticated ESOT (Equipment Set for Oil Tank Cleaning) system is simple to set up and control.

When the combustion unit and robot have done their jobs, the VOC concentration in the tank is almost 0 % LEL.

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Merkland Tank Ltd

Industrial Services company, providing a range of specialist services including  Tank Isolation, High Pressure Jetting, Tank Cleaning, Confined Space Rescue, Tankering Hazardous and Non Hazardous Waste Removal and Disposal, Tank Decommissioning, Tank Maintenance, Annual Inspection and Bund Lining.

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